I would like to commend the company whom has served me and my family well. It was at a time that my primary employer was starting to decrease overtime when coincidentally I discovered HapiGig, and along with Hisham and Liz, the opportunity with HapiGig continues to exceed all my expectations.

Matthew Collins

Working with HapiGig has helped me make some extra money. Once I completed the hiring process and updated my calendar, they were off looking for assignments that would be the right fit for me. I usually see a few HapiGig employees that I have worked with on other assignments, and if one of us has been on the assignment longer than the other, we help each other get up to speed faster. For me, one of the best parts of being a HapiGig employee is that on days I have something else planned, I simply leave those days off of my calendar and I won’t be put on assignment. Liz, who works in the HR department is always helpful and gets back to me quickly about everything. Overall, working with HapiGig has been a great experience!

Ron Golden

HapiGig is a good company to work for. It allows me to make more money for me and my family. I love the fact that I am able to make up my own hours and pick the days I want to work.

Roberto Vazquez

There are a few things I appreciate about HapiGig. The communication for starters (Liz is awesome); they are very hands on. The pay is great and the gigs they offer are with great companies to be a part of. Overall, I’m very satisfied and glad to be part of the team!

Aquisha Rivera

I am very grateful for the service that HapiGig provides. It’s more than extra money for me. I am able to display an important core value – do your best, continue to learn, and growth. I love working with different people and being amongst innovators in the field. The extra hours have allowed me to aid in the purchase of a vehicle for my daughter, Deijah, and take care of some nice home upgrades. I am very thankful to be a part of the HapiGig family and I will continue to represent that with hard work and dedication.

Marcus Bell

I began my experience with HapiGig over a year ago and I would recommend the service to anyone who may need additional income. Pay is competitive and it’s hassle free. Thank you HapiGig.

Thurman Herring