What are the Best Times to Get Hired for Warehouse Work?

If you are interested in a warehouse career, you might not know how to get started. The warehouse industry is accessible to most workers with a high school diploma, and the jobs pay well compared to other positions open to individuals without higher education or experience.

If warehouse work appeals to you, you might wonder when you should seek a position in the field.

For Most Jobs, Some Times are Better Than Others

For most job positions, it might be easier to get hired during specific months. For example, November and December might be difficult months to obtain a job because of scheduled closures for holidays. Likewise, July and August could be challenging because hiring managers or supervisors tend to take vacations in the summer months.

However, this does not apply to the warehouse industry. Many warehouses operate 24/7/365. Vacation season might be the perfect time to apply to work in a warehouse.

Warehousing is Cyclical

All warehouses have busy seasons depending on the merchandise they handle, as well as external factors. For example, the pandemic led to an explosion in e-commerce that negatively impacted warehouse capacity. Warehouses that were generally not busy in spring and summer struggled to keep up with demand.

Warehouses that handle food are usually busy year-round, but might be especially busy from spring through autumn when they receive fresh produce that must be shipped out quickly. Similarly, a warehouse for a major retailer might be busiest around the holidays when people shop for gifts.

Anyone looking for warehouse work could do a quick Google search to find out what products local facilities handle. Once you have that information, it should be easy to determine which warehouses are entering their busy season and might require extra staff. However, even warehouses in their slow season are probably hiring.

Warehouse Staffing Shortages are Chronic

The warehousing industry often has difficulty recruiting and retaining workers. Many warehouses are short-staffed and must pay overtime to keep the facility operating at full capacity.

Since the pandemic, pay rates for warehouse workers have jumped ahead of wages in other industries competing for the same workers. Warehouses are improving employee satisfaction by enhancing safety measures, offering better opportunities for professional growth, and allowing for a positive work/life balance.

Although specific warehouses might have a more urgent need for staff at specific times of the year, the truth is that almost warehouses frequently have challenges finding workers. So, the best time to look for warehouse work is now!

Anytime is a Good Time to Try HapiGig

Warehouses always need reliable workers, so whenever you are ready to start is the best time to look. A great way to find warehouse jobs is by signing up for warehouse gigs.

Warehouse gigs are part-time, flexible, or shift-based engagements that allow you to earn extra cash without making a long-term commitment. Many warehouses even use flex workers to cover their staffing needs during peak periods.

HapiGig is a platform warehouses use to fill temporary slots in their roster. Prospective flex workers can apply to HapiGig at any time. After being vetted, HapiWorkers can post a profile listing their location, skills, and availability. HapiGig is a way for warehouse workers to earn extra pay, learn additional skills, and make local contacts in the warehouse industry. Call or text us for an application today.