Warehouses are Rescinding Mask Mandates

Beginning in the spring of 2020, most warehouses around the country made mask-wearing mandatory for all workers. Even in jurisdictions that did not impose regulations, many employers enforced a mask mandate to prevent the spread of illness among their workers.

However, in recent months, warehouse employers nationwide have eliminated workers’ mask requirements. If you have avoided applying for a warehouse job because you do not want to wear a mask, now is an excellent time to reconsider.

Warehouses are busier than ever and looking for reliable help. In fact, many companies have begun offering incentives to new hires to fill positions. Even if you are not in the market for a full-time job, warehouses provide gig opportunities for people looking to earn extra income and choose their schedules.

Safety Improvements to Limit Coronavirus Transmission in Warehouses

Warehouse workers are essential employees, so most companies remained open during the pandemic. In 2020, warehouses experienced outbreaks of COVID-19, which resulted in considerable media attention.

In response, warehouses adopted policies to protect workers and limit virus transmission. Facilities redesigned workspaces to create distance between employees, upgraded their ventilation systems, and required workers to wear masks at all times.

Although the acute threat of COVID seems to be over, many warehouses have retained some of the safety measures they imposed during the pandemic. As a result, warehouses are safer than ever before.

Mask Mandates: No Longer the Norm

A safety measure many employers are dropping includes requiring employees to wear masks at work. Many people find it difficult to wear a mask all day.

Likewise, many workers dislike the inability to have meaningful interactions that include facial expressions. But for some people, masks can interfere with job duties. For example, masks can:

  • Be uncomfortable and cause sweating and chafing in warm temperatures
  • Cause glasses to fog up
  • Cause soreness and lesions behind the ears
  • Make breathing more difficult
  • Muffle a person’s voice

In late 2021 and early 2022, many local governments lifted mask mandates. Employers followed close behind. For example, Amazon, an employer of warehouse workers nationwide, announced in February 2022 that it would drop the mask mandate for its employees. However, most warehouse employers continue to support workers who prefer to wear masks while on the job.

Abundant Opportunities in Warehousing

During the pandemic, many warehouse workers left the industry because they feared catching the virus or needed to be home to care for their loved ones. As a result, most warehouses remain understaffed and are actively recruiting workers.

Warehouses are great places for entry-level workers because they do not require higher education or experience. In some cases, warehouses provide on-the-job training. Reliability and a strong work ethic are often the only requirements needed to begin a career in warehousing.

For experienced workers, warehouses provide a wealth of opportunities. Workers with communication and interpersonal skills could be a great fit for supervisory positions. Warehouses have also become increasingly automated and require workers with computer literacy and technical skills. Certified forklift operators and anyone willing to obtain a certification may also find plenty of well-paid openings in area warehouses.

Consider Gig Opportunities in Warehousing

Since the pandemic, e-commerce has grown exponentially. Therefore, the need for warehouse workers has become dire. Many warehouses are turning to the gig economy to meet their staffing needs. Often, warehouse companies hire temporary workers for several shifts, days, or weeks.

A warehouse gig might suit your needs if you already have a full-time job and are looking for flexible opportunities to make extra money. If you are curious about whether warehouse work is for you, taking a few gigs will allow you to make an informed decision.

HapiGig Offers Flex Opportunities in the Warehouse Industry

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