Top Distractions in the Warehouse and Ways to Eliminate Them

There are many potential distractions in the warehousing environment. From electronic devices to conversations with coworkers, countless distractions eat into a workforce’s productivity each day.

That said, the consequences of distraction can go beyond missing out on high productivity levels. Given the inherent risks associated with warehouse work, serious injuries become more likely when workers take their attention away from their jobs. To combat these challenges, consider these top distractions in the warehouse and some ways to eliminate them.


A cluttered work area can be distracting and dangerous. Not only does loose clutter, empty boxes, and debris pull a worker’s attention away from their tasks, it can also create a serious safety hazard. Employees should be focused on the task at hand instead of carefully navigating a floor covered in dangerous hazards.

Thankfully, clutter is one distraction that can be easily dealt with. Regular cleaning and policies about prompt disposal of debris can help prevent situations where trash and other objects pile up on the warehouse floor.


Loud noise can be particularly distracting and even damaging to a worker’s ears in some cases. Not only can it interfere with a worker’s focus, but it can also diminish communication on the warehouse floor. In some instances, there is little that can be done to limit the noise on a warehouse floor. The sound of machinery or forklifts is largely unavoidable, but other distracting noises might be more manageable.

One way to avoid audial distractions in the warehouse involves banning loud music. Even in situations where music is not banned entirely, a facility could benefit from preventing loud music from playing throughout the entire warehouse. Loud music could not only make it difficult for an employee to understand their coworkers, it could also cause them to miss the auditory indications of an injury threat.


The use of cellphones – particularly personal cellphones that are unrelated to the job at hand – can be a significant distraction in any work environment, and a warehouse is no exception. However, barring cellphones entirely might not be an option given that many facilities rely on them for communication.

However, it could be beneficial to set limits on the use of cellphones at work. These limits could prohibit phones for personal use and require that they are only relied on for basic communication needs. This policy keeps the lines of communication open and allows workers to make or receive emergency calls without causing a distraction otherwise.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks in work areas are a constant distraction. Not only can food and drinks draw a worker’s attention away from their job, but they could also cause inconvenient messes or even slip-and-fall hazards. Spilled food could even damage machinery or computer systems.

One of the simplest ways to avoid these distractions is to ban food and drink from the warehouse floor. You may also consider providing a dedicated space that allows for food and drinks while keeping those items off of the warehouse floor.

Eliminating Distractions to Improve Warehouse Productivity

Taking steps to address and eliminate warehouse distractions could improve the productivity and safety of your workforce. Taking these actionable steps to reduce distraction can help you get the most out of your employees.

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