TheShiftSwap Release Notes

TheShiftSwap Version 16.0 (current version)

  1. Shift Denial/Cancelation 
    • When canceling or rejecting a swap, an optional note may be entered by the employer
      • The note will be included in both email and SMS communication, the shift details, and the shifts table (mouse over status)
  2. Live Support
    • All users will have access to live ShiftSwap support
  3. Improved Worker Messaging
    • When a worker selects a shift on a day they’ve already got a shift, the message will say “Sorry, you already have a shift on this day. You can not select two shifts within the same day.”
  4. Shift Week Day Name
    • Added to shift form, shift details, shifts table, and both email and SMS communication
  5. User Status
    1. “Terminated” added

TheShiftSwap Version 10.0

  1. Site Admin Role
    • All supervisor’s capabilities
      • Create shifts/shift groups
      • Approve, deny and cancel shifts
      • Update workers’ profiles
    • Update site profile
      • Can create/update teams for the site
      • Enable/disable skills for the site
      • Enable/disable site’s daily reports and set report’s timing
    • Can activate/deactivate supervisors
  2. Single Improved Registration Process
    • A more user-friendly single registration link for employer and worker

TheShiftSwap Version 9.0

  1. Company admin can create site teams.
  2. Workers and employers can be members of any team which will allow the employer to target only their own team members when posting shifts.
  3. Company admin to assign one or more teams to the employer from the edit employer profile page.
  4. Company admin and employer to assign one or more teams to the worker by editing the worker profile.
  5. Overtime/VTO shifts submission has the option to select one or more teams for a shift or a shift group.
  6. Only worker team members will be notified about the posted shifts.
  7. Only worker team members will be able to grab the posted shifts.

TheShiftSwap Version 8.0

  1. “Union” site option to allow unlimited # of associates to apply for OT/VTO and leadership to select who gets the shifts.
  2. New worker profile field (hire date)

TheShiftSwap Version 7.0

  1. Employer Notifications – employers can select what type of reports and notifications to receive. Access through MY PROFILE > Notification Manager
  2. KPIs
    • Results by site now available with ability to select “all sites” for admins.
    • All KPIs can now be exported.
  3. Daily Report – subscription settings now allow release time to be scheduled. Navigate to MY SITES > click Edit Site to see subscription options.

TheShiftSwap Version 6.0

  1. Employer Notifications – active employers will receive email notifications once a shift at their site is grabbed and is pending approval
  2. Multiple Skills – posted shifts can now have multiple skills. All associates with any of the selected skills will be able to grab the shift
  3. Employer Filters
    • Auto filter when “shift status” filter is changed
    • Filter workers by shift type eligibility
  4. Exports – ability to export shift and user data to .csv format
  5. Daily Report – initial skeleton report has been created

TheShiftSwap Version 5.0

  1. Shift Type Eligibility – employer can choose shift type eligibility for each worker (OT, VTO, Worker Swap)
  2. Scheduled Notifications – “when to send” user experience improvements
  3. Unreleased Shifts – unreleased shifts will appear on the 3rd tab on the shifts page
  4. Email/SMS Communications – added shift type
  5. KPIs – grouped by shift type

TheShiftSwap Version 4.0

  1. Scheduled Notifications – employers can schedule shift creation anytime in the future from the Post OT/VTO form
  2. Employers can edit future shift creation from the Scheduled Notifications main menu option
  3. Posted shifts that were not grabbed will be marked expired and will not show by default in employer table and calendar unless “Include Expired Shifts” is toggled on

TheShiftSwap Version 3.0

  1. Employer can edit site skills
  2. Associate Registration – only skills associated to the site are available for selection
  3. VTO – Employer can submit VTO the same way as posting Overtime by selecting shift type = VTO
  4. Employer can add multiple shifts at once
    • Shifts to be submitted as a single “Shift Group” containing all shifts
    • Each qualified associate will receive one email and one SMS with the shift group link
    • The associate can grab one shift from the shift group
  5. Filter by shift type (Worker, Overtime, and VTO)
  6. Associates can no longer grab more than one shift per day
  7. Timestamp table on shift page
  8. Calendar popover to show on top of the “see more” section

TheShiftSwap Version 2.0

  1. Limit the available skills for each site
    • Selecting a skillset for a shift will be limited to the skills assigned to the site
    • Searching for shifts for a site by skill will be limited to the skills assigned to the site
  2. The assigned site will be selected by default for workers and employers if they have only one site associated to their profile
  3. “Available Shifts” table view – users can sort the rows by shift ID, creation date, and shift date
  4. “Available shifts” calendar view – mouseover a shift on the calendar shows a shift details card
  5. “Available shifts” filter – “show all” option created
  6. New overtime shift design
    • Posting a new overtime shift doesn’t require a fake worker selection upfront anymore
    • “Post Overtime” button is now available for employers on the available shifts page
    • The older flow is still working but will be removed by the end of May 2022
  7. KPI summary page (for shifts created on or after 05/01/2022)
    • High-level summary for shift status based on a date range
  8. The release notes page is available for all users and should have the latest updates grouped by version
  9. Associates can now grab shifts anytime prior to the shift start time

TheShiftSwap Version 1.2

  1. Supervisor posting shift on behalf of associate < 72 hours before shift:
    • Supervisor can now post a shift on behalf of an associate at any time prior to the shift start time
  2. Supervisor OT posting: Supervisor can now post “extra shifts” that are not tied to a specific associate for associates to grab
    • Alignment of action terminology (cancel, delete, etc)
    • Associate can delete posted shift
    • Supervisor can delete posted shift
    • Supervisor can approve, deny, or cancel a swap that is pending approval. Denial will recreate the posted shift while canceling the swap will not recreate the posting
  3. Supervisor able to delete/edit associate: supervisor can delete associate profiles
  4. Log in screen: log in asks for email address or user ID
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