More Warehousing and Delivery Jobs Available in 2022

Employment opportunities in warehousing, transportation, and logistics have become increasingly popular over the last several years and show no signs of slowing down. Today, there are thousands of jobs available and not enough people to fill them, meaning wages are also rising.

This is excellent news for anyone interested in a job that provides easy access without specific skills or higher education. Warehouse employment offers an opportunity to earn supplemental income for workers with a high school diploma and a desire to succeed.

The Growing Demand for Warehouse Workers

According to the international consulting firm McKinsey, employer demand for distribution center workers and delivery drivers is likely to grow. Demand in the construction sector, consumer preference for online shopping, and the government’s funding of significant infrastructure projects contribute to this expected growth.

Warehouses often operate around the clock, and many workers dislike working night shifts or weekends. Thankfully, these facilities have implemented changes since the pandemic to make employment more attractive to prospective workers and entice ambitious individuals by providing enhanced training.

Making the Warehouse a Better Place to Work

Warehouses often operate around the clock, and many workers do not like working night shifts or weekends. Thankfully, since the pandemic, these facilities have implemented changes to make employment more attractive to prospective workers and enticing ambitious individuals by providing enhanced training.

Flex Workers Could Alleviate Warehouse Staffing Challenges

As warehouses try to accommodate employees who want regular shifts and better work-life balance, they will need other workers willing to work late. Luckily, flex workers or GigWorkers could help employers fill these positions.

Similarly, experienced warehouse workers could apply for assignments in a particular distribution center on a part-time basis. Warehouses could even minimize overtime during peak periods and employ gig workers to cover unpopular shifts. As our team could explain, there are many ways that flex work could benefit an employee.

What Are the Advantages of Gig Work?

Gigs also make sense from a worker’s perspective. For example, working part-time allows employees to experience how warehouse employers manage their businesses. In addition, workers could learn how to use different warehouse management software and get familiar with other jobs within the industry.

Likewise, warehouse gigs often pay well and have multiple positions available, allowing workers to earn an extra stream of income. Some industries experience peak demand during different seasons, so employers often need extra help during specific times of the year. GigWorkers have the flexibility to choose when and where they want to work without making any long-term commitments.

Finally, workers who take flex gigs meet supervisors and managers at different businesses, meaning they might have an advantage if they decide to make a career move.

HapiGig Puts Flex Workers and Warehouses Together

Both warehouses that need access to a pool of on-demand talent and experienced workers who want to earn extra cash while broadening their skills can benefit from working with HapiGig. Our online platform lists the profiles of pre-screened warehouse workers interested in gig opportunities.

Warehouse managers who need flex workers can review the profiles and reach out to workers with the desired skills. Whether you are a warehouse manager needing extra staff or a skilled warehouse worker looking for extra cash, HapiGig could offer you a solution. Get in touch today!