Michael O’Connor

Our facility performed exceptionally well in most areas throughout 2019! This was in large part possible as a result of the outstanding support and quality of the “HapiGig” operators we had working for us the last two quarters of 2019. First, we had zero accidents or safety related issues with over 20 different various “HapiGig” operators who worked in our facility. While we conducted our initial standard on-boarding Safety training for all operators, the very experienced pool of “HapiGig” employees were very capable of safely driving multiple pieces of equipment.
The skill set and focus on quality and performance by almost every single operator was well above average. All operators rapidly adapted to our environment and culture, quickly grasped the use of our customer centric WMS, and were able to efficiently ramp up to our performance standards adding immediate value to the operation. As a result of this limited learning curve, we successfully handled our peak volume across several months of the 4th Quarter 2019! In partnering with the “HapiGig” team and organization to further develop the software and tools available to employees, business partners and the recruiting team, we were able to provide input and recommendations that were listened to or reviewed to potentially add further value to the “HapiGig” onboarding and administrative process. We found great value in the dialogue that “HapiGig” leaders were willing to have with us incorporating some of our recommendations to improve efficiencies with scheduling, rating, and evaluating “HapiGig” employees.

I would highly recommend leveraging the “HapiGig” organization, process, and the experienced group of motivated and safety focused Operations Specialists or Forklift Operators! They added great value to our team in 2019 enabling us to successfully navigate a very busy time helping us to limit our required overtime rates to reasonable levels, improve employee morale and safety, and deliver positive results for our customer in 2019!