Improving Warehouse Communication

In a busy warehouse, several factors can hinder communication. Fortunately, you can take certain steps to boost communication in your warehouse. By improving communication, you could effectively speed up every operation from inventory management to shipment. Consider the following tips for improving warehouse communication.

Reliance on Communication Devices

One way to directly improve communication among warehouse workers is by providing communication devices like two-way radios or mobile phones to your workforce. These devices could be the backbone of warehouse communication, especially in large facilities or workforces.

Two-way radios can simplify communication between two individuals without wasting time dialing a number or waiting on hold. Supplying workers with these devices could help optimize communication throughout a warehouse and save time across department correspondences.

Wearable Technology

Adopting and implementing devices that can be worn on the wrist or through a beltloop could also help improve communication in the warehouse and even reduce the risk of workplace injuries. While wearable radios or mobile phones are the most common example, there are a variety of other wearable communication devices.

For example, smartwatches and similar devices can be used to transmit visual messages or signals to floor managers or other employees. This form of instant, visible communication helps avoid time wasted by otherwise answering a phone or juggling a radio.

Aside from the hands-free benefits to workers, wearable devices can also provide useful information to warehouse management. GPS technology could provide warehouse managers with exact information on a worker’s position, allowing them to quickly delegate location-based tasks.

Build a Clear Chain of Command

Technology is not the only way to improve communication in a warehouse. Often, warehouse communication breaks down when it is not clear to workers where they should turn to for questions or concerns. Workers who are unaware of their resources are less likely to voice grievances or make suggestions.

A formal hierarchy within the company can adequately address these issues. When workers know where to go with problems or potential improvements, the flow of information in both directions is likely to improve dramatically.

Consider Implementing a Public Address System

Most steps to improve communication in a warehouse focus on person-to-person interactions. However, there are ways to improve mass communication as well. One simple option is the implementation and use of a public address (P.A.) system. A P.A. system allows warehouse owners or managers to make announcements or update the entire workforce at once, even in large facilities. It is important to limit the use of these systems, however, to avoid unnecessary announcements or false alarms.

A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Warehouse Communication

Communication is vital to the way a warehouse functions. In some facilities, the key to improving warehouse communication involves hiring flex workers to fill in the gaps. The more manpower you have on the warehouse floor, the more contact points you have for communication.

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