Important Certifications for Warehouse Employees

There are many roles to fill in any warehouse. From dealing with large-scale supply chain challenges to operating a forklift, these tasks require an array of skills. Certifications could help you identify which employees have obtained the skills your facility needs.

The right certification could signal to an employer that a warehouse worker has the training and skillset necessary for a specific task. Continue reading for a rundown of the important certifications for warehouse employees.

Logistics and Distribution Certification

Some certifications are designed for specific roles within a warehouse. Other certifications, like a logistics and distribution certification, apply to a variety of warehouse operations. This certification covers the full spectrum of common roles an employee might fill in a warehouse setting, including front-end roles like customer support and fulfillment, as well as behind-the-scenes work, including product stocking and machinery operation.

The primary benefit of this certification is that it effectively prepares a worker for multiple positions within a single warehouse. By expanding their options, these workers could have a better chance of advancing in their careers.

Forklift Operator’s License

While most certifications are helpful or recommended, a forklift operator’s license is necessary for anyone who plans to use this heavy machinery. Forklifts play a vital role on the floor of many warehouses, but they represent a serious risk of injury when used inappropriately.

Warehouse employees must undergo specialized training courses before they can use a forklift, which are designed to comply with OSHA requirements. Additional training is necessary for specialized forklifts, such as aerial forklifts. This license is crucial for many people working in warehouses.

APICS Certification

The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) provides a certification that is useful in a variety of circumstances for warehouse workers. This certification focuses on supply chain operations as well as inventory management.

Obtaining APICS recognition could give workers an advantage in finding work related to supply chain operations. It can also be useful for anyone seeking to advance their career to a management position.

While this certification can be helpful, it’s important to note that it is not required under the law. However, that does not prevent an employer from either requiring applicants to obtain this certification or give preference to those who already have it.

WERC Certification

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) offers an in-depth certification process for management-level employees within the warehouse. A WERC certification signals to potential clients of the warehouse that the facility and its operators have the training needed to handle volume variation.

Find the Right Workers for Your Warehouse Using Certifications

Certification is only one way to identify the right workers for your warehouse. In many cases, the primary factor in hiring a warehouse worker will be flexibility. When it becomes difficult to properly staff your warehouse due to volume variation, you can use HapiGig to find on-demand flex labor and avoid overtime altogether.

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