How You Can Still Work Full-Time at Your Regular Job and Part-Time at HapiGig

Recently, rising inflation has affected the price of goods and services everywhere. As a result, many workers need to supplement their wages even in a strong job market. Fortunately, flex work is an excellent option for those looking to earn a second stream of steady income.

Flex work, or gig work, allows workers to take extra shifts or part-time jobs in addition to their full-time positions. Likewise, flex hours offer workers the security of a full-time position while earning the additional income they desire.

Warehouses Always Need Workers

Many warehouses operate 24/7. Often, warehouse employers need workers for every shift of the day. Since the pandemic, some people have become uncomfortable working closely with others, leaving warehouses scrambling to find employees, especially during peak periods.

In some cases, facilities might pay their current employees overtime to work extra shifts. However, that is an expensive solution. In addition, when workers are tired, they may make mistakes that could lead to severe injuries

To avoid accidents, warehouses often address this problem by hiring gig workers. Depending on availability, a gig worker might work one shift or several throughout the week. Using gig workers can help a facility cover its staffing needs and reduce the overtime paid to its employees.

Applying for Warehouse Gigs Is Easy with HapiGig

By using HapigGig, warehouse workers can save time in finding part-time jobs. HapiGig can also be used by warehouse employers who need part-time gig workers.

People with warehouse experience can apply on the platform and post their availability after being vetted. Then, when an employer needs to fill a gig, a manager can browse profiles to find great warehouse workers who suit their needs.

Workers Can Fit Gigs into Their Other Commitments

Gig warehouse work is often a perfect fit for people who need to earn extra money on their own time. For example, an individual with a full-time job could work a second or third-shift gig if their family commitments allow. Another person could work two or three shifts on the weekends, still hold a full-time job, and be home for their kids during the week.

With HapiGig, workers control how many gigs they take and when they take them. HapiWorkers can also turn down opportunities if they cannot work or are uninterested in a particular job. The platform makes it easy for someone to continue to work their regular job but have access to extra work whenever they want or need it.

Consider HapiGig for Opportunities That Work for You

If you are reluctant to give up your full-time job but want to earn extra money, consider working with HapiGig. Once the service has accepted your application, you will have the opportunity to post your availability and wait for a prospective employer to reach out to you.

If you are looking for flexible, well-paying jobs that do not require a long-term commitment, HapiGig could be your answer. Call or text to get an application and become a HapiWorker.