How Wearable Technology Can Help Warehouse Workers

Wearable technology has become a staple in many aspects of American life. From step trackers to wireless headsets, these devices have brought convenience and improved safety to millions of lives.

It should come as no surprise that wearable technology has also become part of life inside a warehouse. Warehouse and logistics workers can benefit greatly from keeping an extra hand free while enjoying the technological benefits that come with instant communication devices. Keep reading to learn more about how wearable technology could help warehouse workers.

Increased Access to Information

There is no question that increased access to information is valuable for both warehouse management and workers on the floor. While access to information has been at the fingertips of workers for some time, the inconvenience of handheld devices often makes performing job duties difficult or impossible. Wearable technology can be a much more reliable option and would allow workers to communicate with management or see important data in real time as opposed to only when their hands are free.

Increased access to instant information can ultimately boost productivity and speed up fulfilment. With wearable technology, this access does not have to sacrifice convenience or safety.

Real-Time Feedback

The benefits of wearable technology run both ways. With certain devices, management could monitor employee performance and identify errors at the source. This gives management the opportunity to address bad habits and praise strong performances as they happen.

Feedback is important in a warehouse setting. Warehouse work includes many repetitive tasks, and doing these tasks improperly can be a drag on the entire business. Wearable technology could provide real-time feedback that corrects these errors without delay.

Normally, this type of feedback might occur at the end of a workday or during a weekly meeting. Instead, wearable communication devices allow management to offer feedback mid-shift without needing the worker to leave the floor.

The ease of communication offered by wearable devices goes beyond feedback. Supervisors could direct workers in real time while they are moving items from one area of the warehouse to another. Wearable technology makes this type of direction possible without the need for management to even set foot on the warehouse floor.

Wearable Technology and Flex Workers

Although this technology might have been designed for full-time employees, the same benefits apply to a flex labor workforce. Gig workers can benefit from real time direction from management, especially when they are working in a facility for the first time.

Warehouse managers can offer guidance and clarity to new flex workers, thereby improving their transition into the facility’s existing workforce. Connecting your full-time employees with gig workers can also help improve company culture by fostering easy communication between the two groups.

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