How Warehouse Workers are Using HapiGig Like Uber

Platforms like Uber and Door Dash have changed the way people work. These on-demand jobs offer workers the ability to increase their income using everyday skills. The platform finds valuable warehouse positions, and the worker posts their availability. If an employer is interested in a potential employee, they can choose to hire them.

Warehouse workers are finding they can use their experience to pick up jobs on their own time, without being tied to a schedule. HapiGig gives warehouse employees access to hundreds of flexible opportunities to earn extra cash.

How HapiGig Works for Workers

HapiGig is a flex work platform used by warehouses to hire temporary employees. Warehouse workers can apply to HapiGig, and after completing screening, they become W2 employees, called HapiWorkers.

A HapiWorker can post a profile on the platform that includes their skills, work type and location, and availability. HapiWorkers can modify their profile at any time and have no obligation to accept an available gig.

How Can Employers Use HapiGig?

Employers searching for part-time, temporary, or shift workers can sign up with the platform. Once enrolled, they can access profiles of local warehouse workers who are available for flexible assignments.

Employers can also post their requirements on the platform and browse profiles to find workers who meet their needs. Companies can select a prospective employee based on their availability, skill set, and ratings. Once an employer reaches out to a worker, the employee can accept or decline the gig if they wish to do so.

HapiGig Puts Workers in the Driver’s Seat

Like Uber drivers, HapiWorkers can control their work schedules and the assignments they accept. Employees have no obligation to work a certain number of hours on gigs, although once they take a gig, they must complete it.

Although HapiGig is like Uber, HapiWorkers are employees, not independent contractors. For example, workers are paid weekly, and the warehouse takes out applicable taxes, so there are no surprises when tax season rolls around.

Be a HapiWorker, Not an Uber Driver

Anyone with a car and a safe driving record could be an Uber driver, but not everyone can be a HapiWorker. Working for HapiGig offers specific advantages other temporary or part-time positions do not.

Expand Your Network

Becoming a HapiWorker enables warehouse personnel to make valuable contacts with other employers in the area. Meeting new employers could lead to regular gig opportunities or a full-time position.

Exposure to Other Systems

Working gigs in other warehouses allows a worker to experience different systems and operations. Employees gain valuable insight into the positives and negatives of other operational methods. A worker could use these operations to enhance their career at their regular job or to secure a better full-time position.

Enhance Your Skills

Warehouse gigs allow workers to improve their skills within the industry. Some employers offer training opportunities to gig workers. Even if a flex job does not provide formal training, working in different places and positions helps develop specific skills, making the HapiWorker a more valuable employee.

Unlike Uber, warehouse workers are using the HapiGig platform to understand the industry better, which can lead to better career opportunities and the ability to earn a substantial income.

Put Your Career in the Fast Lane with HapiGig

If you are looking for opportunities to pick up extra cash, many options are available. However, for experienced warehouse workers, no platform offers the same advantages as HapiGig.

HapiWorkers can access hundreds of local flex jobs in their industry and obtain gigs that best fit their needs. Call or text today to apply to be a HapiWorker.