Same Day, On-Demand Warehouse Staffing

It has happened to every warehouse manager: the shift schedule for the week is set, and everyone is ready to get to work until an employee calls out of work at the last second. In the scramble to ensure the work gets done, you may end up taking on extra overtime costs, risking employee burnout, or taking a dip in productivity – even if a replacement is found.

Being able to keep your warehouse running smoothly in unforeseen circumstances is one thing, but finding dependable flex labor at a moment’s notice is another. By using a service like HapiGig, you could have access to same day, on-demand warehouse staffing whenever you need it, all through an advanced and easy-to-use online platform.

Unpredictability of Warehouse Staffing Requires Innovative Solutions

Even the most dependable full-time employees on your roster can get sick, have doctor’s appointments, need to deal with family emergencies, and encounter all sorts of other issues that may make them unavailable to work with little notice. It may be challenging to fill your schedule with qualified workers on such short notice.

Unexpected peaks and valleys in demand can make predicting how much labor you’ll need on a given day especially difficult. Overpreparing and having to send workers home can be a waste of time and money, but if you suddenly find yourself overwhelmed, it can be even more troublesome to call in additional manpower at a moment’s notice.

Finding qualified employees who are both dependable and able to perform the work you need them to is hard enough while you’re hiring for a full-time position, but experienced warehouse laborers who can fill a shift on-demand the same day you need them can increase productivity and efficiency.

Flex Labor from HapiGig when and where it’s Needed

As a centralized flex labor service, HapiGig could be your one and only source for experienced temp workers you can count on to get the job done. Our online platform allows users to browse flex workers with various skillsets and experience, select the one who could best fill their need, and get them out to the job site on a same-day, on-demand basis.

HapiWorkers undergo a rigorous screening and hiring process before being listed on the platform. Rather than being independent contractors, they are W2 employees and are available to provide specialized warehouse labor to you whenever you need it. Furthermore, 95 percent of HapiWorkers are full-time employees elsewhere in the warehouse industry who are looking for extra work, so you can be confident that you’re getting experience and expertise with every flex laborer you bring into your warehouse.

At HapiGig, we know that high-quality warehouse labor is the primary component of just about every successful and efficient warehouse out there, and we aim to facilitate the connection between good workers and employers in need of on-demand assistance through our user-friendly, online platform. To schedule a consultation and learn more about how HapiGig could help your business, get in touch today.

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HapiGig was founded in 2017 and is on a mission to help improve the lives of warehouse workers and employers across the country.

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