Warehouse Employee Burnout

With all the time and resources you’ve likely put into finding, hiring, and training good warehouse employees, it’s perfectly understandable to expect a dependable return on your investment. However, even the best employees can get fatigued and lose motivation over time, especially if there’s a lot of work to go around and not enough people to do it.

Warehouse employee burnout is not only correlated with safety and productivity issues, but it can also have a direct negative impact on the quality of your service. Fortunately, there’s a modern solution to this age-old problem: bringing in flex labor to help take on the workload.

Risks of Overworking Dependable Employees

The most noticeable effect that burnout can have on warehouse employees is also arguably the most important. Overworked employees simply do not have the same physical capacity as fresher workers.

If they don’t get enough breaks both during the workday and between scheduled shifts, worn out warehouse workers may be absent from shifts and call in sick more often. Even when they do come into work, an exhausted employee may not be able to keep pace with a better-rested one, regardless of whether they are otherwise dependable to stay on task and meet warehouse quotas.

In the long run, burnout in warehouse employees can have even significant, negative effects. If they are suffering from fatigue, a warehouse worker may be standoffish to others, mentally disengage from their work, or contribute to a negative work environment. Burnout also often leads to an increase in employee turnover, making a manager’s job to fill shifts even harder.

However, the solution to this issue isn’t just hiring more employees, especially in industries that have seasonal peaks and valleys in demand. But what else could warehouse managers do to combat burnout in their employees?

The Solutions Flex Labor Could Offer

Some things that can help maximize productivity while also preserving the health and motivation of your full-time employees include performance bonuses, alternating shift schedules, and streamlined internal processes to make the workday less physically and mentally draining. In the short term, however, warehouse managers can address employee burnout in a much more simple and straightforward way: by bringing in extra manpower through a platform like HapiGig.

HapiGig is a technological solution to your on-demand warehouse staffing needs, providing experienced and high-quality workers to fill temporary gigs in virtually any warehouse industry. The key difference between HapiGig and other flex labor options is that HapiWorkers aren’t just contractors – they are full-time W2 employees who can fill any immediate labor needs that a HapiEmployer may have.

By supplementing your workforce with HapiGig, you could significantly reduce the workload of your current full-time employees, leaving them fresher-faced and better able to handle day-to-day tasks without becoming fatigued. Furthermore, since 95 percent of HapiWorkers are already full-time warehouse employees who are looking for additional part-time work, you don’t have to worry about hiring or training costs. Employers can just screen them through the HapiGig platform, put them to work, and rate and review them once the job’s done.

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