How to Make Extra Cash as a Warehouse Worker

When people think about working a side job to bring in some extra income, they might not consider working in a warehouse—but they should. Warehouse work could be the perfect solution for someone who wants to earn extra money and needs a flexible schedule.

Most warehouse work does not require higher education, and warehouse workers often learn the skills they need on the job. For a job that is accessible to most people, many warehouse positions pay surprisingly well. Here’s how most workers earn extra cash in the warehouse.

Warehouse Staffing Shortages

Many warehouses have high turnover rates. People might work in warehouses while they finish school or as a temporary job to earn income while they look for a job in another field. Even people who make a career in warehousing often change employers, moving to a company with higher pay, better benefits, or more opportunity for career growth.

The relatively low employee retention rate provides opportunities for people looking for part-time or temporary warehouse work. Many warehouses operate two or even three shifts, especially during peak seasons. Many warehouse operators prefer to hire part-time or temporary staff rather than pay overtime to full-time workers, so warehouses are a rich source of temp or gig work opportunities.

Many Warehouse Jobs Are Perfect for Part-Time Workers

Many warehouse jobs are relatively simple to learn and are always in demand, making them great for anyone looking to take on some extra work but not necessarily make a career change.

Pickers and Packers

Pickers make their way around a warehouse, finding items to be shipped out to customers. In warehouses that require pickers to walk to find items, they could walk multiple miles in a given shift. Packers assemble orders into containers for shipping and ensure that the order is complete, correct, and properly addressed.


Warehouses often have positions that are primarily clerical in nature. A receiving clerk is responsible for checking deliveries against orders, entering items into the inventory control system, and ensuring merchandise is undamaged. Shipping clerks manage items going out for delivery, ensuring they are on the correct truck and going to the correct address.


General laborers might do a variety of warehouse jobs, from building maintenance to cleaning to moving merchandise, to handling heavy machinery. Laborers might be assigned to conduct cycle counting, which is a method of verifying the inventory on-hand on a continuous basis. Other tasks will depend on the warehouse and their exact staffing needs.

Gig Work Helps Warehouse Workers Earn Extra Cash

Individuals with some warehousing experience could consider gig work as a way to earn extra income. Many warehouses hire flex workers to cover a shift or provide temporary or seasonal support during peak periods.

The gig economy offer warehouse workers maximum flexibility combined with certainty of always having work available. Gigs often pay better than regular warehouse work because the employer usually is not providing healthcare, extensive training, or other costly benefits, making flax work an attractive options for many warehouse workers all over the country.

Become a HapiWorker to Earn Extra Cash as a Warehouse Worker

HapiGig is a warehouse staffing platform that arranges flex labor opportunities for experienced warehouse workers. Workers can apply to become a HapiWorker and, after successfully completing the employment screenings, could become W2 employees of HapiGig.

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