How to Find a New Warehouse Job

The need for warehouse workers continues to grow at a fast pace. However, many warehouse operations cannot meet demand, resulting in a strong market for those seeking to enter or move up in the industry.

If you are interested in a warehouse job, now is a great time to find one. Wages are competitive, opportunities for overtime are abundant, and many warehouses pay bonuses to new workers and referral fees to current employees.

Warehouse Job Opportunities

During the pandemic, the warehouse industry exploded. Many brick-and-mortar businesses closed or halted operations due to consumers’ reluctance to shop in stores physically.

Shipping merchandise out to consumers is more labor-intensive than transferring pallets of goods off to stores. Because of this, warehouses needed more employees to meet growing demand.

Even now that the world has returned to normalcy, demand at warehouses continues to grow. People who adopted online shopping habits during the pandemic still rely on online platforms to purchase goods. In addition, some people remain unwilling to work on-site or in close quarters with others, leaving warehouses struggling to find staff members.

Finding Warehouse Employment Opportunities

People can find warehouse jobs the same way they might find other types of employment. For example, many warehouses advertise positions on online job boards. In some cases, friends, neighbors, and family members might know a facility that is hiring. Even going to the warehouse and asking a supervisor if they are hiring could result in an opportunity to apply.

Another way to find warehouse employment is to consider a part-time position. Through HapiGig, workers can post their availability to the platform, and employers can review a person’s profile and contact them if they feel a particular employee would be a good fit for the gig.

Flexibility Makes You a More Attractive Candidate

Many warehouses operate around the clock. Because of this, warehouse employers have trouble finding people to work overnight shifts. Often, a person’s willingness to work an evening shift could quickly get them hired by a facility. Although working night shifts can be hard on a person’s body, most individuals adjust after a few weeks. In addition, because the shift is difficult, overnight workers usually get paid more than those working during the day.

Warehouses often need people who can work specific shifts on an as-needed basis. A warehouse may be more inclined to hire you if you can commit to working varying shifts and do not require a strict schedule.

Gig Work Platforms Could Provide Opportunities in the Future

If you already have a job but want to explore warehouse work, a warehouse gig could help you further your career. Many warehouses hire people on a part-time basis to keep their facilities operating smoothly.

Platforms like HapiGig offer warehouses a place for employers to post available gigs and workers to post their skills and availability. If an employer is interested in a worker, they can reach out to them. Gigs offer allows workers experience a specific industry without making a long-term commitment.

Try HapiGig When You Need Work

HapiGig allows you to find part-time warehouse jobs from your phone. If you are interested in exploring new opportunities in the warehouse industry, HapiGig makes the process easy. Call or text for an application today.