How Gig Labor Can Help Post-Coronavirus

For many workers, there will be no “returning to normal” even when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In many ways, the way Americans go to work was already being reorganized. COVID-19 may have accelerated the changes that were already underway.

The shift toward gig labor is one of the significant factors that could help improve the economy and fill gaps in the labor market long after Coronavirus is gone. Consider the following ways gig labor can help post-Coronavirus.

The Benefits of Flexibility

One thing that many warehouse managers learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is the value of flexibility. More people are working from home than ever, and fewer people are employed by a single entity. In many industries, there has been a notable increase in the need for flexibility in hiring, and flex labor can fill that need.

The need for flexibility will surpass the pandemic, as seasonal shipping needs will require additional workers, while other seasons may require a substantially smaller workforce. Gig workers can help fill the gaps in these seasons by providing flex labor as needed.

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Worker Choice Could Improve Options across the Board

Not all business owners have taken the steps necessary to protect their employees during the pandemic. Others have made it clear that they do not value many of the workers they rely on. As the gig economy plays a bigger role in the national workforce, it will also provide workers with the option to avoid unscrupulous companies. This could ultimately put pressure on those companies to improve their standards.

If companies face a labor shortage as a result of their safety protocols or management style, it could have a dramatic impact on their business. To avoid similar work shortages in the future, these employers could be forced to take a new approach to the inequalities impacting their gig workers.

Learn How Flex Workers Could Improve Your Warehousing Business

There is little doubt that flex labor will continue to have a major impact on the warehousing industry after COVID-19. The gig economy is an important benefit for both warehouse managers who are short on help and workers who are looking for additional income.

If you are ready to discuss the flex labor needs of your warehouse, HapiGig is ready to help. Contact us right away to learn more about how gig labor can help post-Coronavirus.