How Does Flex Labor Impact Warehouse Culture?

A strong warehouse culture and positive working atmosphere can yield improved performance that boosts the bottom line. A thriving warehouse culture makes workers feel a sense of ownership that can increase engagement in the work they perform. This engagement could limit turnover and cultivate the general atmosphere of your warehouse.

Many warehouse managers incorrectly assume that hiring gig workers to fill in flex hours during high-volume seasons will negatively impact the established culture within their facilities. The reality is that a strong, positive culture is more likely to benefit flex workers than anything else. Keep reading to learn about how flex labor could impact warehouse culture, as well as how a positive working environment can strengthen the productivity of gig workers.

Flex Workers and Warehouse Culture

With attentive and considerate management, flex workers can be successfully intermingled with a warehouse’s existing workforce, without disrupting your company culture. This requires recognizing and embracing what flex workers have to offer as opposed to creating a wedge between the two groups.

It is helpful to remember that flex workers are skilled and experienced at their job. By treating them as such, they are more likely to buy into the culture of the warehouse. When workers – both permanent and flexible – are treated as valuable assets to the company, they are more likely to adapt enthusiastically to the culture of the warehouse as opposed to fighting or resisting it. This is true even if they will not be around for long.

Without considering the perspective of flex workers, warehouse managers risk missing out on the opportunity to make the most of their time with their temp employees. Feedback from the flex workforce could provide helpful insight not only into their work, but also into the jobs of full-time staff as well. With careful management and an inclusive approach, flex workers can be a substantial benefit to any warehouse culture.

The Importance of Vetting Flex Labor

While there are plenty of steps you can take to improve your facility’s workplace culture, integrating gig workers into a warehouse is an additional challenge. Because these workers are only at the facility to fill flex labor needs, they will not experience the long-term benefits of a strong warehouse culture.

Regardless, we carefully vet the workers that a warehouse may choose to bring in on an as needed basis, and we examine variables that may impact a facility’s culture, such as reliability, communicativeness, and more. Finding the right flex workers can help maintain and improve the strong culture your warehouse has already established.

Finding Flex Labor that Fits Your Warehouse’s Culture

The good news is that you do not have to find the right flex workers for your warehouse on your own. HapiGig is an online platform that connects gig workers with warehouse managers in need of flex labor and on-demand reliability. Our team carefully vets each warehouse worker to ensure they have the skills and background necessary to successfully integrate into your workforce and do the job right. Use HapiGig to find flex labor that will fit with your warehouse culture.