How Do I Find Warehouse Gig Work?

If you are a warehouse worker, you probably know that your skills are in high demand. Warehousing is the backbone of the supply chain, and COVID-19-related struggles have shined a light on the importance of a skilled warehouse workforce.

Warehouse work tends to be cyclical. If you find yourself with fewer hours than you would like at certain times of the year, you do not need to leave the industry.

Warehouse gig work could be the answer.

Labor shortages often affect warehouses, and as the jobs become more specialized, the need for skilled workers becomes more urgent. Many companies fill the gaps with flex workers who come on board during peak times or who cover a shift or two in an emergency.

Locating Warehouse Gig Jobs

Finding warehouse gig work could be a full-time job by itself. You could spend hours online, getting referrals from friends, or visiting sites before you connect with a warehouse manager who is willing to hire you on a part-time or temporary basis.

You will also need to spend considerable time figuring out your finances. If you take a permanent part-time job, you might be a W2 employee, but if you are looking for an extra shift or two now and then, you will likely be a 1099 independent contractor. The employer does not take out withholding, and figuring out your taxes might get complicated.

HapiGig Platform Finds Gigs For You

HapiGig is a platform that matches warehouses looking for staff with workers who want to pick up extra shifts. Our company works with warehouses throughout the region to supply them with flex workers during their peak times.

Workers can apply through the HapiGig website or send a text message to receive an application. After a vetting process, workers become W2 HapiGig employees. The company handles all the necessary tax withholding, and gig workers get paid every week.

Workers can post a profile that lists their skills and availability. Warehouse managers then browse the profiles and contact workers whose skills meet their requirements. Workers are always free to decline an assignment for any reason.

The App Makes It Easy

Once a worker has signed up, they can update their profile at any time. Companies with an immediate need will search for the right candidate and reach out if it is a good match. All necessary information is exchanged through the platform, so there is no need to contact the HapiGig office.

Shifts When You Want Them

There are huge advantages to becoming a HapiWorker—primarily, increased financial freedom and flexibility. HapiGig wages exceed the industry average.

You can pick up extra work when you have the time or need extra money, and you can step away and enjoy your leisure time whenever you want.

Gig work also could provide long-term career opportunities. As you get to know managers at multiple operations and they get to know you, an opportunity to step into a different role might arise. Some HapiWorkers are full-time gig workers and build their lifestyle around a succession of temporary opportunities.

Explore Hassle-Free Temporary Warehouse Jobs With HapiGig

If you are an experienced warehouse worker, there are tremendous opportunities available in the industry. Participating in the gig economy as a temporary warehouse worker allows you to earn extra money while expanding your skills and making new connections.

The HapiGig platform finds the jobs for you, and accepting the job has never been easier. Apply to be a HapiWorker today.