How Can Flex Warehouse Workers Make More Money?

Flex work offers you the opportunity to earn extra income on your schedule. Signing up for a part-time job or picking up a shift could help you make ends meet. In addition, these employment opportunities allow you to save money for a rainy day.

HapiGig is a flex work platform that matches warehouse workers with employers looking to fill positions within their company. The platform pays higher-than-average wages for most warehouse jobs. However, if you want to maximize your income from warehouse flex work, several strategies could help you earn even more.

Obtaining a Forklift Operator Certificate

Warehouses always need forklift operators and often need help filling positions that require certification. Forklift operators usually make more money per hour than other warehouse workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that forklift operators are certified in safe operations. However, obtaining a forklift certification is relatively easy. Most training can be done online and takes only a few days, depending on the program. Trainees must also complete a skills test in person. Sometimes, warehouse employers will provide training or pay a worker to get their forklift operator’s license.

Once a forklift operator has their certification, it is valid for three years and transferable to other companies. A certified operator can work flex hours in other places using the same machinery. If an employer uses different forklifts than the operator trained on, they will need to take a refresher course to operate the machine. Many employers offer this supplemental training for free.

Working Undesirable Shifts

Warehouses often operate 24/7, so filling shifts on weekends, overnights, and holidays could be challenging. However, many warehouses offer additional pay to employees willing to work those shifts.

Overnight and weekend shifts are great for flex workers who might have a regular daytime job. Services like HapiGig often have numerous opportunities for workers to pick up shifts or part-time assignments at night or on weekends.

Taking Advantage of Training Opportunities

Another way to increase your wages and career opportunities is by improving your skill set. Most warehouse employers offer opportunities for training in inventory control systems, machine operations, warehouse management systems, and other processes.

Warehouse workers could take advantage of these opportunities to acquire new skills. Many warehouses will increase workers’ hourly rates if they complete specific training programs. Even if a training program does not lead to an immediate increase in pay, learning new skills could result in higher-paying gig opportunities.

Often, warehouses offer skill enhancement programs to their gig workers, as well. In addition, most warehouse employers offer abundant programs and opportunities to improve your current expertise and learn new skills.

Using Gig Assignments Strategically

Many have heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder.” That phrase especially applies to warehouse gig work. Flexible warehouse jobs include entry-level, highly skilled, old-school operations, and state-of-the-art employment opportunities.

Looking for gig positions where you will learn new systems is often a good strategy. Even if the employer does not offer training to part-time employees, exposure to different operating systems is beneficial.

Use HapiGig to Get the Best Assignments

HapiGig allows warehouse workers to search employer listings and high-paying opportunities for flex workers. Smart workers who want to maximize their compensation could look for gigs with employers that offer advantages like training or exposure to new systems.

HapiGig could be the answer to finding warehouse employment opportunities. Call or text for an application today.