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What is HapiGig?

We are on a mission to improve the lives of great warehouse workers across the country by connecting them with employers who are in need of high quality flex labor.

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Flexible Warehouse Staffing Solutions with HapiGig

The labor market is becoming increasingly challenging. To keep up, companies have turned to the gig economy for solutions. However, finding reliable work can be difficult, especially to fill last-minute gaps. This is why HapiGig offers flex labor that is carefully vetted and rated. HapiGig has access to an exclusive labor pool of qualified and vetted warehouse workers that have above-average ratings in work performance and safety.

Instead of spending time and resources conducting interviews and hiring staff, HapiGig allows for warehouse managers to connect directly with skilled and on-demand warehouse workers to solve immediate operations needs. As companies compete for skilled labor, many workers and organizations are opting for flexible warehouse staffing solutions. HapiGig allows for warehouse managers and employees to establish schedules that are mutually beneficial for the employer and the worker.

Finding effective solutions to your flexible warehouse staffing needs does not have to be a headache. Neither does finding extra hours to fit your schedule. To learn more, call HapiGig today.

HapiGig Helps Employers with Flex Workforce Needs

Is your warehouse looking for flexible staffing? HapiGig can give your operations team access to on-demand and experienced labor to handle volume variation, call-outs, or any last-minute requirements in your workforce.

Unlike traditional temp agencies, HapiGig supplies high-quality workers that are available on-demand. HapiGig also sets itself apart from other gig staffing companies by focusing exclusively on the warehouse industry. This all helps us ensure that only great and reliable warehouse workers are available to fill gaps in your roster.

Instead of paying costly overtime wages, savvy managers can use HapiGig to incorporate flex labor strategies and reduce overall operations costs. On-demand warehouse workers can also help to effectively manage warehouse spikes or surges in business. This allows HapiEmployers to maintain efficiency, even when volume variation or call-outs inevitably arise. No matter the requirements, HapiGig can give managers the ability to meet the constantly-changing demands of operations.

HapiEmployers can see the skillsets, ratings, and availability of all workers registered on our platform. This allows managers to ensure that they are getting the best possible on-demand workforce to meet their specific needs. HapiGig’s excellent support can also help to ensure that warehouse demands are satisfied. If there is ever a complication, our tech and customer service representatives are standing by.

How it Works
HapiGig for Employers
  • 1. Register
  • 2. Select HapiWorker
  • 3. Receive Top Notch Support
  • 4. Rate HapiWorker

Extra Hours for Great Warehouse Workers

How it Works
HapiGig for Workers
  • 1. Register & Update Calendar
  • 2. Get Matched & Receive Gig Notifications
  • 3. Work Gig
  • 4. Get Paid

Are you a warehouse worker looking for more overtime (or additional income)? HapiGig is the perfect solution! HapiGig improves the lives of great warehouse workers by providing gig opportunities for extra hours. This way, HapiWorkers can earn more and take greater control of their income.

After you register, you’ll go through a hiring and vetting process to become a HapiWorker. Once you pass, you’ll be hired as a W2 employee and onboarded, where you can fill out your profile and continuously update your availability for gigs. HapiWorkers can also receive notifications about new work opportunities, so that they can stay connected with warehouse employers in need of flexible warehouse staffing. After a HapiWorker accepts a job, they’re ready to go!

HapiGig is operated by people who have experience in the warehouse industry, so we understand the importance of receiving payments quickly. That’s why HapiWorkers get paid every week. We also understand the importance of flexible hours, learning opportunities, and new connections to the warehouse industry.

Through our platform, HapiWorkers can have the independence to take on work that suits their skills and goals. If you are a warehouse worker that wants to earn extra money on your own schedule, become a HapiWorker today.

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Marcus Bell
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Aquisha Rivera
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Matthew Collins
Warehouse Managers
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Zak Kohlhagen
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Rob Culloton
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Earvin Sanchez
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Michael O’Connor
testimonialicon My company has been using HapiGig workers to supplement our current work staff since September and it has been a great asset! Being able to… testimonial-icon
Terra McClain

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