Gig Economy Boom: Securing and Retaining Gig Workers in a Competitive Market

For a variety of reasons, the gig economy is experiencing a boom across the country. Many workers are finding the freedom and flexibility that come from this labor market to be a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

The flex labor job market is booming, too. In fact, some companies are finding it more difficult than ever to secure and retain gig workers in the current job market. The following tips could give you an advantage in securing and retaining gig workers in a competitive market.

Sourcing Strategies

The way companies go about sourcing gig workers and integrating them into the workforce will have a large impact on whether those workers decide to stay with the company.

Gig workers are a powerful tool for warehouses of all sizes. While identifying, vetting, and hiring flex workers with warehouse experience can require significant resources when handled in-house, HapiGig offers a budget-friendly platform that links warehouse managers with the flexible workforce they need.

Once flex workers are hired, there are benefits to onboarding and training gig workers through the same system as traditional employees. Using this process could help integrate gig workers into a company faster and help them buy into the overall culture. Feeling like part of the team instead of a replaceable part is a powerful motivator.

Consider a Gig Worker’s Career Goals

The traditional goal of rising up the ranks of a company over time might not appeal to a gig worker, but that doesn’t mean they are disinterested in career advancement. One of the best ways to attract and retain gig workers is to provide them with career development opportunities that speak to their interests. For example, allowing a gig worker to take part in a project that will provide them with the kind of experience that could strengthen their resumé could motivate them to stay with the company instead as opposed to looking elsewhere for their next gig.

Build Lasting Relationships

While some gig workers will never want a permanent position, others might feel differently. Building a relationship with these gig workers could make it easier to understand their motivations.

When it comes to filling long-term openings, these lasting relationships could come in handy. A gig worker who has shown an interest in full-time employment could be the perfect person for the next job opening.

Focus on the Perks of Alternate Work

It is helpful to remember that there are many reasons why individuals turn to flex work, and all of them are valid. While some people are seeking a bridge between traditional careers, others are happy to fill their nontraditional schedule with gig work to help make ends meet.

This flexibility is what draws many people to flex work, and it is important for employers to keep that in mind. Focusing on giving gig workers flexibility and options is an important part of keeping them happy and securing their services in the long term.

Finding the Best Warehouse Gig Workers

Few industries have experienced a boom in gig workers like the warehouse industry. The seasonal nature of warehouse work is ideal for workers to take advantage of flexible employment.

If you are a warehouse manager with flex hours to fill, HapiGig could be the right option for you. HapiGig is a platform that connects experienced warehouse workers with flex hour jobs in the industry. Schedule a demo to learn more.