Flexible Part-Time Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse workers looking to make extra money or who desire a more flexible schedule should consider whether flexible warehouse work may be right for them.

Platforms like HapiGig allow individuals seeking flexible part-time warehousing jobs to connect with employers looking to fill temporary vacancies or who need to staff up to meet a spike in demand.

What’s the Benefit of Warehousing Gig Work?

Gig workers get to choose who to work for and when. If a warehouse worker needs extra money, there are always opportunities to pick up a few shifts or a longer-term temporary job at a warehouse in need of flex-labor. When a worker wants to enjoy some time at home with their family, they don’t sign up for extra gigs. It’s as simple as that.  

Warehouses Need Skilled Workers—But Not All the Time

The increasing automation of the supply chain has led many warehouse workers to develop considerable technical skills. These skills are in high demand, but warehouse work is cyclical by nature. A particular employer might not be able to afford to keep highly skilled workers on the payroll if their business is going through a slow cycle.

Skilled warehouse workers could supplement their income by taking part-time temp warehouse jobs when their regular employer does not need them full-time. Some workers make a healthy living just by doing flexible warehouse work for any employer who needs temporary or on-demand help.

Won’t Flex Labor Complicate My Taxes?

Sometimes workers pick up part-time jobs here and there, only to find they have multiple W2s and 1099s to deal with at tax time. Sorting them out and handling taxes properly can be aggravating.

Workers who sign up for flex warehouse jobs through HapiGig do not have that problem. HapiGig hires warehouse temp workers as W2 employees and withholds appropriate taxes and pays into Social Security and the Workers’ Compensation program. A HapiGig worker’s income might go up—maybe even enough to bump them into the next tax bracket—but there should be no other surprises at tax time.

Hone Your Skills and Expand Your Network

Warehouse workers learn valuable and transferable skills, but employers often do things a little differently from each other. Someone who has settled into a groove at their regular warehouse might find that doing flex labor for a different employer gives them a chance to improve and diversify their skills.

Another advantage to temporary warehouse jobs is that they allow workers to get familiar with other employers in the area. Even when someone is comfortable with their current employer, things can change quickly. Knowing where to find the best warehousing jobs could be a lifesaver if a worker wants to land a new gig quickly.

How Do I Get a Warehouse Gig?

The easiest way to explore temporary warehouse work is to register as a HapiWorker through our platform. There is an application process and vetting procedure to make sure that applicants are a good fit. Successful applicants become HapiWorkers.

HapiWorkers complete a profile that lists their experience, skills, the type of work they are seeking, and their availability. Workers can update their availability at any time. Prospective employers review those profiles and might reach out to offer a specific HapiWorker a job in their warehouse. HapiWorkers can also access a database of employers looking for temporary warehouse workers and reach out themselves.

Money Matters

HapiGig offers competitive salaries, and HapiWorkers get paid every week. Our platform makes the flex labor process simple and seamless for both parties.

What Are You Waiting For?

HapiGig makes it easy to tap into the market for flexible, highly-paid warehouse jobs on your terms. Register as a HapiWorker today to start choosing your next gigs.