End-of-the-Year Tips for Gig Employees

Gig workers may have a regular full-time job but choose to supplement their income with freelance, seasonal, or on-demand warehouse work. In many cases, all their income derives from temporary positions or projects for various employers at different facilities.

Gig work offers the benefits of a flexible schedule with the opportunity to work for different employers, but it has its challenges. Gig employees can overcome those challenges by exercising discipline, keeping good records, and periodically checking in with themselves about what is working and what is not.

Financial Tips for Flex Workers

HapiGig hires all gig workers as W2 employees and facilitates their placement with employers who need temporary or on-demand help. This means that the platform will withhold taxes and other deductions, giving you less to worry about when preparing for tax season.

However, W2 flex workers should still do some end-of-year tax planning. In fact, the income that some individuals earn from gig work might bump them up into another tax bracket, which could mean they still owe taxes at the end of the year. Saving up to cover that possibility is always wise. Flex workers who find that they owe taxes one year might want to increase their withholding so that they do not owe the following year.

Lifestyle Evaluation

The end of the year is also a good time to reflect on your experiences and think about what you want to continue into the next year and what you want to change. If you’re already performing gig work at various warehouses, then whether and how well flex labor is working for you should be part of your considerations.

Otherwise, searching for permanent or long-term warehousing opportunities takes time and effort, and you should be confident that the work you are putting into marketing yourself is paying off. If not, using a flex work platform that finds new opportunities for you might be a better solution.

Whether you are using HapiGig or finding jobs on your own, consider what you enjoy about gig work and what you dislike or wish to change. One of the beauties of being part of the contingent workforce is the amount of control you have over who you work for, what you do for them, when, and how often. Go into the new year using that power to make your flex work experiences the best they can be.

Embrace the Benefits of Flex Work

In these uncertain times, flexibility in how you earn income might be one of the best gifts you could give yourself. Accepting temporary or project-based warehousing gigs could help you sharpen your skills, establish yourself with multiple employers, and provide you with options that work for you as your needs change.

If you are looking for flex work in the warehouse industry but do not want to devote significant time to the search, HapiGig offers the perfect balance for you. We hire skilled warehouse workers as W2 employees and offer employers the opportunity to select workers on demand who meet their temporary needs. If you love flex work but are finding the logistics to be a hassle, HapiGig could be the solution you’ve been looking for.