Critical Skills for Warehouse Workers in 2021

While the impact of 2020 on the warehousing industry was profound, employment in warehouses has increased substantially due to the heavy reliance on online purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hopefully, 2021 brings an end to the pandemic and ushers in another strong year of growth for warehouses nationwide. To meet the challenges the new year could bring, workers will need a variety of skills to help them succeed. Continue reading for a rundown of the critical skills for warehouse workers in 2021.


Communication is key in any warehouse. Fortunately, many technological advancements have improved communication options dramatically. From texting through wearable smartwatches to relying on the latest two-way radio technology, workers should have the tools they need to communicate effectively. While employers must make these technologies available to their workforce, it is up to warehouse workers to make the most of the systems provided to them to voice concerns and share information with coworkers and management.


It is safe to assume that 2021 will be another year of unexpected growth and change, and approaching it with an open mind could help prepare workers for what is to come. Open-mindedness includes a willingness to learn from others. There are numerous tasks to be completed in any given warehouse, and experienced workers have plenty of knowledge to share regarding how to best complete those tasks efficiently and effectively.

Keeping an open mind allows a warehouse worker to obtain useful knowledge through practical experience. Trying out new roles or techniques could put a worker on the fast track for developing new skills. A willingness to try out new roles or handle new tasks could also help career advancement.


Last year was a big year for warehousing, and 2021 will likely be no different. Given the fast pace that will be necessary to keep up with online order fulfillment, speed is a vital skill for warehouse workers to develop. The sooner a worker can complete a task, the sooner they can move on to the next one. A speedy workforce can keep up with the growing demand that many warehouses are currently experiencing.


Being fast is not enough on its own. For a warehouse worker to succeed, they must also be accurate. Every warehouse employee should focus not only on speed but also on accomplishing their tasks safely and accurately. Errors can result in costly corrections, and in some cases, serious injuries. Focusing on accuracy is another important skill for warehouse workers in 2021.


Flexibility in the warehouse will be crucial in 2021 and beyond. An adaptable workforce is best suited to face the challenges of a rapidly-changing work environment. The more duties a worker is trained to take on, the faster they can get up to speed when shifting positions or taking on new responsibilities.

One of the ways your warehouse could focus on adaptability is through the use of flex workers. As your needs for manpower fluctuate, the use of flex labor could help you fill the gaps. HapiGig is a platform that can connect you with highly-vetted warehouse workers immediately. Call to learn how our platform could help fill your workforce needs.