Top Warehouse Innovations for 2023

It’s no secret that the past few years have been incredibly challenging for the warehouse industry. Although some of the supply chain issues have been resolved, obstacles to growth and resilience remain.

Innovative and existing technology can provide solutions to many intractable issues in the warehousing industry. Below is a run-down of some of the top warehouse innovations for 2023.

Technology to Increase Worker Happiness

Difficulty attracting and retaining good workers continues to plague warehousing operations across the country. Investing in technology to give workers more autonomy and job satisfaction is the most important innovation that warehouses could make in the coming year.


Keeping up with requests for time off or overtime can overwhelm a warehouse manager. The result is often inflexibility around scheduling that can lead to worker dissatisfaction.

Created by HapiGig, ShiftSwap is a web-based platform that allows warehouse staff to trade shifts among themselves. Those hoping to pick up extra hours can accept shifts from workers who want a day off for family time or need a mental health day.

Using the platform, employees get more control of their schedule, and management is relieved of scheduling hassles. As a result, implementing ShiftSwap can improve worker satisfaction and keep your most valuable employees.

Gig Work

Like workers in almost every other industry, warehouse workers are embracing opportunities for gig work. Platforms like HapiGig Flex allow workers and warehouses to participate in the flex work economy.

Warehouse operations who need flex workers can find skilled and vetted employees using the service. Workers interested in additional shifts can post their profiles on the site and wait for warehouse managers to hire them.

Filling open shifts with gig workers can benefit workers and management while increasing morale. For example, in some cases, employing gig workers could reduce or eliminate the need for mandatory overtime. Additionally, employees will sustain fewer injuries and take fewer sick days.

Technology to Improve Worker Experience

Giving employees more control over when they work could increase worker satisfaction and retention. Likewise, using ShiftSwap could improve their experience when performing their job duties.

Safety concerns and tedium are two issues that reduce warehouse worker satisfaction. Intelligent application of technological innovations could address these concerns.

Predictive Picking Using Data Analytics

Most warehouse management systems can identify products that are often bought together. Placing them near each other in the warehouse can make picking less strenuous and safer for the picker. In addition, utilizing data analytics in product placement could lead to more efficient picking and faster delivery times.

Emphasize Collaboration Between Departments and Partners

The capabilities of warehouse management systems and other operating technologies allow a level of cooperation not possible previously. Unfortunately, many operations are not using this technology to increase employee satisfaction.

Using technology to ensure employees understand the demands of the business and its challenges can increase employee buy-in and loyalty. A recent article on LinkedIn noted that a lack of transparency and basic communication could lead employees to leave warehouse work. Warehouse management systems provide significant information that managers could share with employees to help them take ownership of their jobs.

Web-Based Platforms Benefit Your Workers and You

HapiGig Flex and ShiftSwap offer practical solutions to the warehouse industry. Our platforms focus on keeping employees happy by providing flexible staffing solutions.

Happy employees are more productive and loyal workers. Call HapiGig today to find out how these platforms can help your company survive and thrive.