Top Five Issues Warehouse Employees Face

Every quality warehouse strives to retain its best workers, but not every facility succeeds. For example, warehousing is a high-turnover industry, and keeping shifts staffed appropriately is challenging for managers, especially during peak demand periods. However, seeing the job from a worker’s point of view could help managers implement changes that might significantly impact their operations. Below are the top five issues warehouse employees face.


Warehouse workers want to work, but they also want to enjoy time with their families. When their schedules are inconsistent, and they never know when they will be asked to put in overtime, it becomes impossible for them to manage quality time with their family and friends.

Warehouses could reduce employee burnout by providing workers with a consistent schedule. In addition, managers could give workers more control over scheduling could help reduce turnover.


Warehouse job duties are often repetitive, leading to muscle and joint pain. For this reason, many warehouse workers consider their workplace unsafe. Warehouse managers can improve retention by emphasizing worker training and safety. Additionally, facilities could reduce the risk of employee injury by ensuring workers get adequate time off to rest their bodies, especially in peak seasons.


Despite the industry’s popularity, many warehouse jobs involve mundane duties. Sometimes, workers complete the same tasks repeatedly and are more likely to put in minimal effort, call out sick, and quit.

That said, managers must seek creative ways to increase employee engagement. For example, anonymously polling employees about what would improve their job satisfaction could be a place to start.


If warehouse employees feel they lack growth opportunities, they may become discouraged. In fact, many warehouse workers leaving the industry often cite the lack of a career path as their reason for seeking other opportunities.

Warehousing operations that invest in employee development, advanced training, and promotion to management from the floor have happier workers. Likewise, workers with higher job satisfaction are more loyal to their employers.


Workers often enter warehousing positions because the salaries are relatively high. However, as much as workers like making money, other benefits are equally valuable to them.

For example, companies offering health insurance have an advantage over those that do not. If a warehouse cannot provide insurance, other benefits, including additional paid time off or an extra vacation day, could help a company retain diligent workers.

Take Advantage of Personnel Management Innovations

A warehouse is not the environment for everyone, and keeping operations staffed will likely always be challenging. However, staffing innovations can make it easier than it has ever been before.

For example, HapiGig Flex is a platform that allows prescreened and vetted warehouse workers to post their skills and availability for employers to find. Warehouse managers could use HapiGig Flex to supplement staff during peak demand, helping regular staff avoid burnout and reducing overtime costs.

Additionally, ShiftSwap—a product developed by HapiGig—allows workers to trade shifts between themselves, giving the workers more control over their schedules. Increased autonomy leads to happier workers. To learn more, call or text for an application today.