How to Manage Requests for Overtime and Sick Leave Without Any Conflicts

Keeping a warehouse staffed is one of the biggest challenges warehouses face. Because of the long hours and strenuous work that goes into warehouse jobs, keeping employees happy is critical.

Fortunately, a new tool can help warehouse leaders manage requests for overtime and sick leave without any conflicts. ShiftSwap allows warehouse employees to manage schedule changes without involving the warehouse manager or shift supervisor.

Scheduling Conflicts in the Warehouse Industry

Workers often have various needs at different times. As a warehouse manager, you must balance those needs against your business’ staffing needs.

When experiencing peak demand, it is difficult to allow a worker time off for personal activities or obligations. However, if you don’t accommodate a request for time off, the worker might call out sick.

Additionally, during a slower season, you might have a worker who needs extra cash and wants overtime. Granting these requests could be hard on your bottom line, but a worker who feels they aren’t earning enough might quit to find another job.

Allowing Employees More Control Could Be the Answer

Allowing workers to swap shifts might be an effective solution in many warehouses. Doing this could prevent callouts for illness, improve worker engagement, and even increase productivity.

A system that accommodates worker preferences without placing the scheduling burden on the warehouse manager could be beneficial to everyone. For example, employees could get time off when they want it without asking management to schedule around them. Additionally, workers could pick up extra shifts when they need extra cash.  

What is ShiftSwap?

ShiftSwap is a web-based platform created by HapiGig that gives warehouse employees the ability to trade shifts. An employee who wants to pick up an additional shift can take one from a sick employee as long as a manager approves it.

Using ShiftSwap, employers can also post overtime shifts when they become available. Handling overtime in this way prevents accusations of favoritism and makes the shifts available to all workers on a first come, first serve basis.

ShiftSwap Could Be a Recruiting Tool

Warehouse work is known for being difficult, with long hours and unpredictable schedules. ShiftSwap is a way to demonstrate a commitment to employee engagement. By allowing workers more control over when and how much they work, employees can balance their job with their personal obligations and to do so without hassle.

If a desirable employee is weighing working for your operation against working for a competitor, a system that allows them real control over their schedule could tip the scales in your favor.

Retaining Productive Employees is Key to Warehouse Success

If you are like most warehouse managers, keeping your best workers is a constant struggle. Using ShiftSwap can help you retain the people you value by giving them independence.

With ShiftSwap, workers no longer have to submit scheduling requests and wait until the request is approved. In addition, managers no longer have to deal with employee callouts when they do not approve a workers’ request.

Try ShiftSwap and See What a Difference It Makes

If you are a warehouse manager struggling to handle overtime and sick time requests without conflicts, give ShiftSwap a try. Companies like yours have seen big spikes in attendance and employee engagement after implementing the system.

Call today to schedule an informational meeting about enhancing employee engagement with ShiftSwap.