Getting a Warehouse Shift Covered

Unfortunately, warehouses are often short-staffed. So, finding and keeping adequate staff to keep your operation running could be a major challenge if you are a warehouse manager. When shifts go uncovered, company operations and on-duty employees suffer.

However, warehouses are now investing in automation to reduce the need for human workers. Managers need to be creative to keep their warehouses staffed appropriately. Here are some ideas for getting a warehouse shift covered and ensuring you always have the people you need to get the job done.

Offer Incentives

People always enjoy making more money. But when a worker is tired or unhappy, many will forgo the overtime pay to have time to spend as they please.

Warehouse managers who want to cover all shifts should determine whether they could offer employees who work extra hours beside the overtime they earn. Small and relatively inexpensive gestures like bringing in meals or offering gift cards can make an employee feel valued, appreciated, and more willing to work extra shifts.

Use GigWorkers

There is only so much work you can squeeze out of a person before they burn out. Workers who need time off might slack on the job, call out sick, or even quit. In addition, overworked staffers are more likely to get injured and file workers’ compensation claims.

Having a pool of part-time workers to call on when staffing shortages loom can be extremely beneficial to warehouse operations. Using GigWorkers during peak demand seasons can keep your facility running smoothly without burning out your full-time staff.

HapiGig Flex is a platform that allows warehouse managers access to a pool of prescreened, experienced warehouse workers looking for extra shifts. Managers can scan the profiles of available workers and reach out to them based on their skills and availability.

Allow Staff Flexibility

Many warehouse workers cite undesirable shifts and unpredictable scheduling as one of their primary reasons for leaving the industry. Although warehousing will never be a 9-5 job, warehouse managers could allow staff to have more control over their working hours.

For example, developed by HapiGig, ShiftSwap gives workers the ability to trade shifts with each other. Using the platform, a worker who does not want to work a specific shift can swap it with someone who does.

ShiftSwap can lower call-out rates and help a manager keep their facility appropriately staffed. In addition, ShiftSwap offers workers more autonomy, which could improve morale and retention rates.

Invest in Worker Happiness

Warehouse technology can do incredible things, but it cannot make an employee want to go to work. If your employees are unhappy, you will continue to face challenges when getting warehouse shifts covered.

As a warehouse manager, it is up to you to create an environment where people feel valued and that their hard work is recognized and appreciated. Allowing them some control over how much they must work is one way that pays big dividends.

HapiGig Flex and HapiGig’s ShiftSwap allow workers more say in their schedules, making them happier and more engaged staff. Call or text us today to learn more about how we can help you.