Can New Technology Help Warehouse Employees? 

Finding and retaining good warehouse workers has always been a challenge. However, the challenge has recently intensified with low unemployment and increased demand.

Some companies can retain employees with high salaries and good benefits, but only some warehouse facilities can afford that. Sadly, even good pay will only keep workers in a job they dislike for a short time.

Innovation in warehouse management has led to massive gains in efficiency. Therefore, innovation in personnel management could also help companies increase resilience by retaining their best employees.

Scheduling Transparency

Warehouse workers have tough schedules. For example, many warehouses operate 24/7 during peak demand, and someone must cover the overnight shifts. Split shifts are not uncommon, and neither is mandatory overtime. These schedules make it challenging for workers to be there for their families or plan social activities.

Transparent scheduling could relieve this dilemma. Software and scheduling platforms exist that could allow workers to see ahead of time what shifts they will have to work in a particular week. In addition, these schedules can update in real-time as unexpected events occur.

Bringing in Reinforcements

In addition to implementing scheduling changes, warehouses can use technology to bring in part-time workers during high-volume periods. For example, allowing flex workers to absorb extra hours could reduce burnout among team members.

For example, HapiGig Flex is a platform that allows prescreened workers seeking extra shifts to create a profile with their skills and availability. Warehouse managers who need extra help can browse the profiles and contact workers who fit their needs. Using flex workers allows employees to get overtime opportunities when they want them while giving them regular time off during the busiest periods.

Technology Could Give Workers More Control

Unpredictable scheduling is one of the complaints warehouse workers raise most often. But unfortunately, the nature of the industry makes it nearly impossible to guarantee a warehouse worker a consistent schedule.

However, allowing workers more control over when they work could relieve some of their dissatisfaction. Additionally, giving workers the ability to trade shifts with each other could be a workable solution in many warehouses.

ShiftSwap—created by HapiGig—allows workers to post and trade shifts with coworkers if they cannot work on a particular day. Allowing the team members to make arrangements between themselves could increase their sense of engagement and loyalty, reducing the number of workers calling off.

Use Technology to Make Workers Happier

When warehouse employees feel their work is taking over their lives, they often decide the industry is not for them.

Using available technology like HapiGig Flex and HapiGig’s ShiftSwap puts more control over scheduling in the hands of the people who keep warehouse operations going. It also makes life easier for warehouse managers, who can hire flex workers instead of forcing their workers to work overtime when they do not want to. Learn more by calling or texting us today.