Solutions to Warehouse Volume Variation

Technological advances in the warehousing industry can help make warehouse employees work more efficient. While there are many benefits to using flex labor, skilled workers have become increasingly hard to find in the warehouse industry. Fortunately, HapiGig provides flexible and customizable solutions to warehouse volume variation for your unique labor needs.

What Causes Volume to Fluctuate?

The rise and rapid growth of e-commerce has led to a dramatic shift in the way the global economy functions, and the Coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated this phenomenon. Because more consumers prefer to shop online rather than in person than ever, the need for more inventory has skyrocketed so much in recent years that it has completely outpaced the number of qualified laborers who are actually available to work.

This sudden increase in demand can also be attributed to a substantial number of baby boomers retiring from the workforce, and many roles are going unfilled due to Gen X and millennial workers choosing other career paths, staying in school longer, or simply lacking the experience necessary. When you factor in seasonal peaks and valleys in demand on top of inventory availability, the end result is a debilitating lack of available workers, which ultimately impedes productivity and profitability in the warehousing industry.

Flex Labor: A Single-Step Solution

Fortunately, the gig economy may be able to provide alternative options for business owners looking to find dependable warehouse labor on short notice. Just as Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the transportation industry with rideshare availability, HapiGig aims to reinvent and streamline the fulfillment of temporary warehouse labor.

Through the HapiGig platform, warehouse managers can pick from a roster of rigorously vetted HapiWorkers to find an employee with both the skillset they need and positive ratings from prior employers. You can use our app to find workers for any labor volume variations, from shift callouts to holiday rushes.

Unlike other flex labor providers, HapiGig hires all workers as W-2 employees, meaning HapiEmployers don’t need to worry about 1099 forms or extraneous costs. Once you register with our service, all you need to do is identify the role you need filled, select a qualified worker through the HapiGig platform, and let them get the job done.

Address Warehouse Volume Variations with HapiGig

Solutions to warehouse volume variation can be hard to come by, especially in the modern gig economy. Given the overall shortage of skilled labor in the market, as well as the flexibility many warehouses need to handle seasonal shifts in demand, being able to depend on one source for your flex labor needs could be substantially beneficial for your business.

HapiGig is available to any warehouse manager who needs to find temporary workers they can trust to get a job done well at a moment’s notice. To schedule a consultation and learn more about how our service may be able to help you, get in touch with us today. Consider registering as a HapiEmployer today to start searching for the qualified labor you need.

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