Gig Economy Benefits to Employers

The concept of a “gig economy” is still relatively new, but in just a few short years it has revolutionized how employers approach hiring, retaining, and optimizing their workforces. From transportation and food service to virtually every other industry under the sun, gig-based jobs have allowed for greater flexibility and maximized income for employees and employers alike.

Today, services like HapiGig can bring the perks and opportunities of the gig economy to your warehouse labor force. Upgrade your operations by taking advantage of gig economy benefits to employers.

Dependable Expertise when You Need it Most

Finding quality warehouse labor is an uphill battle under even the best of circumstances, and when you do find a trustworthy and knowledgeable employee, retaining them can be just as much of a struggle. Fortunately, the gig economy allows employers to identify exactly which workers can meet their needs while minimizing risks and maximizing business sustainability.

For example, if an experienced worker retires after 20 years, replacing them could be difficult. Instead of spending time, money, and manpower hunting for the perfect candidate, a gig-based solution could allow you to fill employment gaps with qualified personnel on a day-by-day basis or even hour-by-hour basis.

If a gig employee doesn’t work out, you can move on with relatively little hassle, and if you discover one who fits your system perfectly, you’re already halfway to training them. Either way, taking advantage of the gig economy in this way allows you and your business to obtain experienced labor when and where you need it.

Reduced Overhead Costs

One good employee may be worth a dozen lower quality workers, but they don’t come cheap. Between health insurance, competitive salaries, and other benefits necessary to maximize retention, you may find yourself paying top dollar to keep top talent around.

HapiGig workers are considered W2 employees and can reduce costs in the short-term as well as the long run. Less of your budget going to hiring, retention, and human resources means more money available for your operations.

Over time, using flex labor from HapiGig could have a snowball effect on your business expenses. More space in the budget and less overtime means better compensation and support from management, which means happier full-time employees and increased productivity in both the short- and long-terms.

Flexibility in an Ever-Changing Market

Perhaps the most important benefit that a service like HapiGig could provide employers is the ability to adapt quickly to market trends and surges in demand. Imagine the rush to hire temp labor during the holiday season being a thing of the past – instead of struggling to predict how much labor you’ll need per day and losing money every time your predictions are off, HapiGig would allow you to pull from its pool of vetted and experienced operators to fill your precise needs each and every working day.

The business world is rapidly changing, and the gig economy is both a sign of the times and an optimal solution to the problems these times create. Don’t let time pass you and your warehouse by – instead, utilize the HapiGig platform to make the gig economy work for you.

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